8 Steps To Overcoming A Mental Storm

Happy Friday! I hope this day finds you strong in the strength of the Lord! But, should you be struggling today, I'd like to offer you a prayer guide that might help.

I wrote this prayer guide in hopes of equipping anyone who might need some additional help in overcoming a mental or emotional storm. This is a process I use when a mental or emotional storm attacks my mind. In addition to praying, I often throw on some Christian worship in my ears. Having the truth of God sung over us is a powerful and effective spiritual tool for lifting us up. So is worshipping the Lord aloud. Both are mighty weapons.

Of course, not all mental storms are a spiritual attack. Some mental storms are the result of seasonal or lifelong chemical imbalances in the brain. I know. I get it. And I don't want anyone hanging their head in shame. To be honest, before my first experience with debilitating depression, I had some strong opinions about seeking medical help (as a Christian). Sadly, my ignorance was not bliss. It was arrogant. Today I'm deeply grateful for the woman who encouraged me to seek medical help. In no time, I was enjoying Jesus again! And life again! I had energy. And the gumption to stand tall!

Listen, life's too short to live in a state of ongoing unnecessary misery. I'm certainly not advocating medicine, but I am advocating freedom. Get with your Heavenly Father and, if needed, get yourself to a trusted doctor. In either regard, keep pressing on! Whatever you do, don't quit or give up.

You are loved.

Click below to download and print the prayer guide.