Be The Overcomer God Sees You As

*“‘I sure love you.’”

Erin's words flooded my soul—as he hugged me tight in the middle of our foyer.

This wasn't the first time I heard those words coming from my handsome husband's lips. By now, we'd been married seven years. Adding the time of us dating, we'd been together for nine years. I'm unsure how many times he'd told me he loved me before. Only this time it drenched my hungering soul.

Perhaps you're wondering, What in the world was the problem?

That's a great question. I'd likely ask it too.

The problem was my faulty belief system. I projected onto Erin my own feelings. In many ways, deep down, I still had parts of me that felt unlovable. If I didn't really love me—how could he? Do you know this feeling? Can you possibly relate?

Interestingly, I did the same with God too.

Thinking I was trash—and He wants me? Really?


I wonder, Can you hear God calling to you?

More than reading words on a page, is your heart stirred by His presence?

He's calling out to you, dear one.

Maybe a faint whisper? Maybe a prick at your heart? Maybe a desire to cry?

What you're encountering is the presence of God—He's near to you.

If not a whisper or a pricking of the heart, then maybe a pang of anxiety?

You're tendering to love.

You're tendering to the One who chose emptiness to fill you.

He emptied Himself by assuming the form of a slave, taking on the likeness of men. And when He had come as a man in His external form, He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to the point of death—even to death on a cross. (Phil. 2:7–8, emphasis mine)

Indeed, the perfect, holy, compassionate God of all creation humbled Himself into a womb. A pure womb—but a womb nonetheless. The Seedling Savior, the Author of Life, He subjected Himself to the process of formation within a womb—a womb He first conceived in His hands.

Have you considered how the Maker of Life humbled Himself, taking on the raw nakedness and neediness of a seedling in a woman's womb—a womb He created? Or have you considered the sacredness of our Lord being pushed through the birth canal and into a world of hungry bellies, dirty diapers, breast milk, and needing to be burped?

God had to wait for a diaper change. 'Til the people He formed in their mothers' wombs got a clue from her son's cries and said, "Joseph, would you see if Jesus needs His diaper changed? Perhaps that's why He's so fussy?"

Oh friend, the Enemy has duped us for far too long.

Satan cannot handle us getting a glimpse of our amazing God.

Did you know he wanted to be God?

Did you know there was a mess in heaven first?

The mess didn't start with us—no, no.

It started with Satan who was called Lucifer, a beautiful angel.

If you think you're a mess, get this: Satan has us both beat by a long shot.

Satan is real. Satan is dangerous. And Satan is determined to destroy lives too.

That's not all.

Satan salivates at keeping you and me far away and distracted from God.

Before time began, when Earth was barren of humanity and heaven was full of activity a battle was waged between God Almighty and one of His angels, Lucifer.

He was a beautiful angel by all accounts but swelled to explosive narcissistic measures—he blew up on God in a fitful rage fueled by pride, arrogance, jealousy, and insecurity. He wanted to be "like the Most High God" by conquering his rival and rendering Him defeated.”*

Since the enemy can’t render the Lord God Almighty defeated, He sets his sights on us.

Can I encourage you today to fight the good fight of faith? Be the overcomer God sees you as—all of Heaven is rooting for you!

*Excerpt taken from More: From Messes to Miracles, pp. 112-114

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