How Do I Walk In These, Part 1?

This past weekend I took part in a leadership conference. We had a blast, but I died when it occurred to me (as the speaker) that my outfits matched the 8 or so praise team singers AND the conference theme. Both days. I rarely EVER wear red and black. Most certainly, not even my shoes. But I happened to this time.

It wasn't till right before I took the platform when I realized we all matched. For some strange reason, the thought of a color coordinated couple seized my mind. The kind you see perhaps suited up for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Walking hand-in-hand. Wearing their starched jeans, cowboy boots, and bright red matching shirts with matching hats. Now that's a bit extreme, but you get the picture. I was working overtime not to lose it.

So what’s a speaker to do? Well, my mentor taught me to tell on myself.  So I did. And they laughed.  Praise the Lord.

However, slipping my clothes the following day wasn't so funny. Red and black again? What the heck? They’re never going to believe me now!

Even my friend Chris (who works at LifeWay Christian Resources as a women's ministry specialist) quipped, “Tammie, I have never seen someone take a theme and go with it as you have.” All I could say was, Girl, I never meant to! I am so serious! And her reply was this: "They’re never going to believe you." Gasp. It was true.

So what's a speaker to do now? Swallow her pride (the kind when another woman shows up to a party wearing your same  dress), and make a joke of it. Only this time few laughed.

Dang it.

So there I was, standing before this group, inwardly humbling myself before the Lord. Perhaps that is why I audaciously prayed, "May no flesh, whatsoever, glory in your Presence. This is your deal. Have your way."

God and I have known each other long enough now that I sobered up immediately.

  1. Either God was humbling me.
  2. He was making sure the attendee's were "getting the theme's message."
  3. Or both.

I can’t speak for the attendees, but I humbly (grin) received my portion.

Later this week I'll share with you the points I shared. For now, let's chat about this.

In what ways has God humbled you in the past?


Have you recently recognized God working overtime to make Himself clear? If so, how?