How Do I Walk In These, Pt. 2?

How do I walk in these?

That’s a great question. One I asked this past weekend (alongside a bunch of sisters in the faith) while attending a leadership conference. Actually, it’s a question I find myself asking the Lord almost every single day. I’m bet you do too. Whether it’s wisdom sought for a complex relational situation, or the mounting pressure to nail a decision down; I’m all the time asking the Lord, God, what do you want me to do here? Or, What direction do You want me to go? and  LORD, PLEASE SPEAK TO ME!

With the weekend Scriptures coming from Colossians 1:1-14, we settled in on verse 9-10 that say, “And so, from the day we heard, we have not ceased to pray for you, asking that you may be filled with the knowledge of his will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding, so as to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God”(ESV).

What was wild is that as I sat there preparing my talk on these verses, I found myself echoing similar words as my Paul. Begging God to speak; to show His will.

Suddenly (to a speakers great joy and delight), 4 points fell to the page.

If you don't mind me sharing them with you, I'd like to. I do so in hopes that you might find a nugget of encouragement as we did.

This was our question:

“Lord, how do we walk in a manner pleasing to You; that is worthy of your glory?”

And this was our answer:

1. If your shoes are too narrow, don’t complain. Increase comes with maturity.

Truth is, some of us hate our lives (shoes), they are far too narrow and confining. We keep thinking, If God would just change things, life would be so much better. Why isn’t He doing anything about it? Beloved, He knows exactly why He’s withholding. He’s maturing you in ways that you won’t know until you’re one day --as my pastor says-- looking through the lens of reverse.

2. If your shoes are too tall, don’t fear. Walk by faith—God has your ankles.

If you are scared out of your mind because your shoes are way too tall to fill, trust. The Lord is known for calling His people to walk roads that are beyond their human abilities. He plans on showing off here. However, if we let our inadequacies to take over, they will keep us from seeing God doing cartwheels around us. (Boy, have I ever been here. ) Be encouraged today. God’s got you’re ankles, friend.

3. If your shoes don’t match, change shoes. Quit comparing yourself to others.

When I shared my own back-story with the ladies (how as a young woman I struggled with comparing myself to my mentor (Beth Moore), and disqualifying myself constantly, many of the women cried. Isn't comparison a beast? And sadly, many of us are dangling by our necks. It’s tough trying to fill another woman’s shoes. And its certainly not God’s intended plan for our lives. We are uniquely designed by our Maker, bearing His image, and when we walk in our own shoes, we bring Him immense joy. Let’s not give ourselves to comparing, and allow Satan the glory of choking God's life out of us. If we aren't "as good" as those we look up to, so what? Who are we trying to please anyway? We must repent of the sins of unbelief and pride, and pitch her shoes by embracing our own full redemption. Let's wear our own shoes, and especially point others to Christ.

4. You have the right shoes, run in them well. Stay the course with your eye on the goal, Christ before you.

Have a great weekend!