I'm Touching Base, Girlfriends.

Well, I’ve taken a little blog break obviously. It surely wasn’t on purpose. Life just happened. Let’s see where to begin: I’ve begun the marathon run of writing a book. Which is far different from writing a Bible study. So, I’m in the process of learning my way. I don't have the freedom to expound on it just yet --per the publishing side of things. But mark my words. Once I can, I most certainly will! My youngest scored her license. This took much prayer on her behalf since she followed suit with her parents, failing the first time. Erin's was for not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign, as well as for speeding. Mine was for speeding, too. Hers was for running a yellow light. Even though her older sister is a excellent driver, I'm almost certain she would've kept the family tradition. At least I'd like to think so! But when her time came for her license you didn't have to ride with an officer. You just took driving school and clocked a ton of hours. I tearfully but confidently said farewell to my Sunday school class of 6.5 years in order to join my husband’s side in a couple’s class at Houston’s First. Even though it’s the Lord’s will, my husband’s joy, and my girls’ excitement to have their Momma free on Saturday nights—I’m still sad. I haven’t blogged about it yet on purpose. I’m still working through the tender feeling of laying something down that was so deeply special to me. Someone extremely dear to me is undergoing a significant health crisis. I’m doing my best to stay attentive to their needs. And I want to. Which means, a massive chunk of my heart is hurting with them. And there seems to be no end in sight just yet. I traveled out of town with my husband on business to San Antonio, Texas. My in laws went with us as my husband’s business is a family-owned operation. His Daddy is the Big Man in charge. With Erin slowly taking the reins. It was great fun. We ate more food than our bodies needed. I spoke last weekend in Dallas. There were lots of tears from the ladies, but I felt so messy for a number of reasons. One, I had just said farewell to my class just days before. And two, I shared my story in a little greater detail than normal. I take that back. A lot more detail! It was per God’s leading, and my family’s uncontested blessing. I would certainly never want to misstep either. Our daughter won her final lacrosse games of the season. Which means I hollered a bunch. And I was up and down and up and down the whole time. I was so excited! So I wouldn’t block anyone else’s view, I kept walking to the side. Back and forth I went... It was hilarious to me, but maybe a little annoying for others. I didn’t care. My girl was winning! And the team was playing their hearts out. We owed it to them, right?

Oh goodness. Now that I’m looking at the time, I better skedaddle. I’m still in my jammies (working from home) and need to get myself together for the day. I also have several lessons to put the finishing touches on for this weekend. Which reminds me. If you’re in the Birmingham, Alabama area come see me on Saturday. I'll be speaking at Saint Mark United Methodist Church from 8:30am-2:00pm. Their website is www.saintmarkumc.org. Look them up for more information! I’d love to hug your neck.

Until we talk again blog friends, big hugs to you.