Light and Life

One of the best gifts God has given me besides my salvation is the gift of learning to seek Jesus instead of others to satisfy my inner needs. This gift came at a high cost; you can be sure. It came at the cost of finding that only Jesus could handle me in all of my ugly, wretched, human brokenness.

As loving and discerning as people can be, Jesus in the only one who can bypass our words to see straight into our heart. And that's good news because we are highly complex beings and, half the time, we spend the majority of our lives trying to figure ourselves out to find the help we're longing for.

But the One who knows all things doesn't have to hear every detail of our story to help us. All He has to say is, "Peace be still and know I am God," and, boom, we're at peace. That's the mysterious thing about God. When God speaks, His words effectually impart life and light into us; suddenly our former inner angst returns to stillness and peace.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying we don't need community. We do. It's just that we need God more. If the first person we're turning to is another person all of the time, it will do us well to rearrange our course. No one can do for us what God alone reserves the right to do. People can't be our everything. But God can, and He wants to, too!