Needing His *Now* Salvation

Forgive me for being so quiet lately. A fierce battle has raged and, honestly, I haven’t had much to say. A loved one in a serious state of emergency has occupied all of my energy, mind time, and prayers. Sometimes all you can do is hold on to the hem of Jesus’ garment, and trust that His power is at work doing all that is necessary to bring His deliverance and healing. That’s where I am. Pressing into Jesus. Needing His now salvation. No need to worry about me though. I would just ask you to pray.

Did you know that Scripture is chock-full of God’s people praying for one another, and beseeching personal prayer? When sought with the right heart, asking for personal prayer is needed and necessary, not prideful or self-centered. We are the body of Christ and desperately need one another in this battlefield of life where two kingdoms are in conflict.

None of us –no matter how courageous, brave, and full of faith we’d like to be—are free from battle wounds.In fact, we can have great peace that, biblically speaking, any and all wounds have the potential to be catalysts in ushering our souls into a greater healing. Why? They kick out all of our props. Where we realize we are beautifully needy of an ever-present Savior who longs for us to reach for Him and meet His now salvation.

What we must remember is we are on the winning team. The enemy assuredly is underneath our feet if we are in Christ (Ephesians 1:22-23). God’s Holy Writ speaks of it from the Old Testament to the New. And we, His people, can confidently stand on His precious and perfect promises. Not just a few, but all.

I honestly don’t know why I’m sharing all of this with you. Other than letting you know that your sister is still here. I’ve not gone anywhere. I’ve actually had an incredibly full ministry plate with a fresh mess splattered all over me in the midst of it. Perhaps, like me, you have one splattered on you, too. I wouldn’t doubt it. Seems like messes are everywhere.

Thankfully, our God is never surprised by unexpected situations that jerk a knot in His people’s necks. We may be left shocked, horrified, and intensely aching. But Jesus holds us securely in the palm of His righteous right hand of authority. Somehow this provides intense security for me these last few days. If you’re suffering from a recent trial, I pray it does for you, too.

Oh Sister, let’s not just trust our God in the good times. When the sun is shining, and no rain clouds fill the sky. Let’s be women who, after we’ve cried our eyes before Him, stand back up, brush ourselves off, freshly surrender, and say to Him: “You alone are God. You alone are good. And I will worship You through any and all situations! I’m NOT shrinking back. You are my life. You supply me with Your power. And, above all, I crave to bring You utmost glory.”

Have a great weekend freshly believing God.  I’ll see you back on here soon.