Shame, it nearly killed me. But not any longer!



I’m turning forty in a handful of days.

While women tend to dread this birthday--I am so excited!

Would you like to know why?

Well, at fifteen years old I took a woman’s offer for help – at a Gentlemen’s Club. I was desperate, afraid, and had nowhere to turn. This seemed my only hope. And for the next 3 years I felt trapped.

Now, when your fifteen forty seems rather old. And the women similar in age seemed so wearied, worn, and hopeless. Thoughts like these plagued my mind constantly:

  • Where will I be when I’m forty years old?
  • I have no education.
  • I have no other skills.
  • I'm trashy. Used up. Soon to be divorced (once I find his butt).
  • Who will take care of me when I'm old?

Last Friday (after receiving my family's blessing) I had the privilege and joy of standing on the stage above and boldly proclaiming (for the very first time) what Jesus Christ has really done in my life. Before the women of my own church. Who I love and do life with. Ditching the shame once and for all. By God’s great and glorious grace this former dancer is now a Bible teacher. Not only that, He has taken one stage and totally transformed it into another!  What the devil meant for evil, God has redeemed for His good and His glory.  And after years of hiding my past junk, I’m obeying my God. He wants people to know how He came into the clubs after me. How he used my boyfriend’s mother and aunts to rescue me. How He’s washed me clean. And, furthermore, there really, really is freedom in Christ Jesus.

The devil used my background to his advantage by deceiving me into thinking public ministry was just like the clubs—stages, limelight, performance… blah, blah, blah. I'm finally fully aware of his schemes. And, furthermore, that old victim-girl-mentality needed to be put out of her misery. I’m not even kidding. Talk about a fool.

Because, truth is, I do dearly love walking with Jesus.

I do dearly love me some people.

God’s is graciously showing me a new way…and I’m going onward with Him.

I'd love to take a few of you with me!

What do you say we ditch our shame together?

We don't have to stay so bound. Jesus died so we could live. Not just to make it by the skin of our teeth. Not just to make it to heaven one day. But to know His so-great-a-salvation now.





Full of hope.

Finally at rest.

Buried in Christ’s death.

And raised up to profoundly run in His newness of life!

The dark prison cell of defeat is not our New Testament lot. The apostles burned up the earth for the Kingdom of God. And the same Jesus that lived in them—if you know Christ as your personal Savior—now lives in you and me. Jesus told Lazarus to, “Come forth,” and to take off the grave clothes! This, my friend, is our inheritance too. Whoohoooo!

I think that’s some mighty Good News, don’t you?