I Will Not Be Silent Anymore

Beth Moore wrote a blog this week inviting us to join her in prayer. She is asking for God to rain down revival on us. I nearly trembled in tears reading her post. I want it so badly. Many do. I’ve seen the hunger in people firsthand from the North, South, East and West. People are as thirsty for God everywhere I have been privileged to go and speak. They are begging God for more of His presence. More of His power. More of His life pulsating in our bones. We are tired of resources, and methods. WE WANT GOD! We are looking up at the heavens and calling out to the God who was, and is, and is to come. The God who is able to do immeasurably more than all we can ask. The God who opens blind eyes and causes us to see. The God who resurrects the dead. The God who speaks and demons flee. The God who redeems lives from the pit. The God who pulls us out of darkness and defeat and sets our feet on firm, solid ground. The God who has chosen us and calls us His very own. The God who is unrivaled in power and splendor and majesty. The God whose love never ceases to flow.  The God who heals our tormented minds and makes them whole again. The God who shakes us free from the shackles of sin…

I have known this God.

He has performed wonders and miracles in my day… in my very own life.  I have been rescued from utter darkness, and brought into His marvelous light and healing love.   I was born to a teen mother, she was 15 years old.  I grew up not knowing my father.  My stepfather was not a nice man.  I was verbally, physically, emotionally, sexually abused my entire childhood.   I turned to drugs before I was even 10 years of age.  I dropped out of school in 9th grade.  I married at 15 years of age and left 6 months later.  I lived just shy of the streets.  At a lady’s offer for help, I found myself right in the middle of Houston’s sex trade industry.  And it was there God found me.

I have not shared this part of my story with many people. Mostly because I was afraid.  Afraid of what some people in the church would think of me. Afraid of what some people in the church would say about me.  I know my story is messy. But we live in perilous times.  And we live amongst a hurting and dying people. They need to see people who have been set free! And I will not stay silent anymore. We overcome the enemy by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. And what I can attest to is this: God is not limited by any amount of darkness or personal bondage.  I, for one, never should have made it out.  But God who is rich in love and abounding in mercy and grace and forgiveness and compassion – He saved me!

And if He’s saved you, do people know?

I sense God is calling His bride to rise up in all her gloriousness, to be a shining light against the darkness in this world, to testify of what we have seen of His great love that saves, heals, and frees. It is past time for the bride to break out of her captivity, by bending down on her knees and calling on Her Redeemer and Savior and Rescuer to raise her back onto her feet in wholeness and beauty and purity. That she would be the gorgeous radiant bride that her Groom has called her to be.  Not afraid to look in the mirror. Not afraid to wear her white dress. Nor does she flinch when His eyes lock hers. She has dropped all of her guards.  His love has rushed in.  Her ring is worn proudly.  She wants all to see.  Yes she is taken! And He is enthralled with her beauty! He has invited her to dance to the dance of celebratory praise. He has captured her affections and she is full of joy—joy of being His.

The Spirit and the Bride say, “Come!”

Lord, I join in Beth’s prayer by saying, “Come Lord Jesus, rain down revival upon us, upon our land! You are Who we want! You are Who we need! We give ourselves wholeheartedly unto Thee. Please do not pass us by!  Lord, do not pass me by!”