Ya Me Despido, Cancun.

Tomorrow we leave Cancun, Mexico headed for home. What a wonderful four days. Bidding farewell to these turquoise waters makes me sad. Mountains and oceans are by far my love language. The Lord is such a creative genius and wastes not an ounce of this Caribbean beauty on me.

Virtually unplugging from the pressures of life and technology did this heart good. We needed rest like nobody’s business. I'm eternally grateful for fresh perspective, loads of laughter, and the freedom of expression that comes within the safe bounds of family. It’s salve to my soul. I told the girls to thank their Daddy for digging deep in his pockets to make times like these happen. We are surely a spoiled nest of women.

Years ago my husband and I came to the decision that we were sick of being house poor. Our current home stretched us financially and the cash it took to AC it was a joke. So we took pen to paper and came up with a plan. In order to take a yearly vacation we’d need a house that settled into a certain mortgage and utilities scale. We agreed and put our house on the market. Some thought us crazy for downsizing homes when most, at our age, were upsizing theirs. Can I say, Best decision EVER!

We enjoyed the benefits of yearly Spring Break vacations AND, within a year or two, we dually sensed a family call to missions and the freed-up cash made it possible. God is so smart! In 2007 we took our first family mission trip to Africa. Nothing has marked our family life more. All four Head’s fell ridiculously in love with the people and the orphans. Not a day goes by without an interweaving of thoughts and prayers of them.

Even family vacations like these bring a heightened awareness of appreciation. To enjoy the rest and beauty of God’s creation is a grace gift, indeed. Each of us Head’s would die to bring the children and Africans we’ve come to love from Africa here. They’d be so stunned. Makes me anticipate Heaven having a Caribbean ocean waiting for them.

Lord, Lord, please may it be so.

Here are a couple of snaps of my family.

My two lovelies, Peyton and Savannah

My handsome honey of nearly 20 years

One proud Daddy with his girls

Peyton and Mommy

From my family to yours, have a lovely weekend!