About Tammie

Jesus Christ radically changed my life.

My message is simple whether teaching, speaking, 

writing, or enjoying a meal together:

“God is real. He loves you. And you really do want to

know Him–He’s stunningly satisfying.”

"I have had the privilege of watching God at work in Tammie Head from close range for many years and cherish her as a spiritual daughter. I've watched her pay the price for a life wholly focused on the pursuit of God through scripture. I've seen her develop a heart to serve people of all kinds diligently and sacrificially. She lives the thing. And she lives it well. God's hand on her is obvious and his spirit on her is enormous. This young woman is a gift to the body of Christ. You will love Tammie Head and you will love what God does through her. Above all else, by the time she's done with you, you will love her God."

- Beth Moore



I didn’t grow up knowing God. Not even close. I was a Deist raised by an Atheist stepfather. My life was a train wreck from its beginning days. Born to a teenage mom and often sexually victimized, I accepted a woman’s offer of help at fifteen, landing myself in the middle of Houston’s Sex Trade Industry. It was there—at my workplace—when God first appeared to me, asking for my life. I was too afraid to give Him what He wanted. However a few years later, I had a baby girl who finally gave me the courage to get right with God. It was the best decision I have ever made. Jesus’ love took my breath away—it still does today, many years later. The love of God has loved me to life—giving me a life I never dreamed. I’m anxious for you to know He wants to do the same for you. He plays no favorites. He loves us all deeply. Today by God’s calling and great mercy, I am a Bible teacher, published author, and speaker at various conferences. I once had no hope for a productive future—being a high school dropout and all—but God who calls and equips us for good works saw fit to reveal Himself in me. I went from being a divorced eighteen-year-old girl and the victim of ongoing sexual abuse to recently celebrating 23 years of marriage to my handsome husband, Erin.

We have two beautiful, nearly grown daughters, Peyton and Savannah. Peyton recently finished up her senior year at Baylor University, while Savannah is making her way in California. Our family has loved answering the cry of the orphan by spending portions of our summers in Zambia, Africa since 2007. We have committed our lives to rescuing vulnerable children from the trenches of dark despair by partnering with Family Legacy Missions International.

On a lighter note, I’m just an ordinary girl who is known to laugh at her own stupidity and jokes. I once forgot my best friend’s name while introducing her and, what is more, I now fight feelings of fright when introducing people. I’m a sucker for a good cup of coffee, I love talking to people who don’t know God, and I believe God still performs miracles—I am one.