You Are Wanted

Yes, you.

Before the forming of your soul/spirit intertwined into tiny flesh, I called you forth.

Before heartache blew onto the pages of your life, I planned your restoration.

You are not a mistake. You are not a burden. You are not a bother—no, no.

You are not a misfit freak who shall only hope for morphing into a spiritual blessing.

My Child, look up.  Hear what I have to say.  Gulp down My every Word.

No one can take away My love for you—not even you.

No one sabotage My intentions for your life—I AM God—not even you.

No one holds power over your security—I AM your Safety, your stable Savior.

When self-doubt looms remember afresh—I AM your Counselor.

When distrust of others tempts you to fearfulness, don’t—I AM your Protector.

When snares abound, snakes bite, venom stings, trust again—I AM your Healer.

My promises are faithful.  My love is sure.  My sovereignty is boss.

Let your mind rest of its worrisome toile, its jumpy anxiety, Dear Child.

Do you hear My whispers all around? Before you, behind you, over you, I AM here.

Yes, I see the mud!  Yes, I see the mire!  Yes, I smell the stench!  NOTHING is hidden.

Calvary’s Tree is your wooding underfoot for walking onward and upward. Take a deep breath, a hallowed lungful. Do you remember I AM the air? Step into the bountiful land of promise; expand your fences even so. Do you remember I AM the Landowner? Yes, risk awaits. But I promise to keep you. Yes, missteps come. But I promise to realign you. And when you fall down, only look back up. Refuse your old survivor ways. Those bootstraps are false security inevitably leading back to ditches of defeat. Have patience. Cry out. Wait expectantly. Repent of sin. Resist taunting condemnation. Child, your waste is never wasted… Not even personal failure. I AM a God who exchanges Earth’s ugliness for Heaven’s beauty. I turn trash into treasure. Stay teachable, Lovely One, and I’ll cheerfully teach. Bow to My tutelage—intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, physically—and you’ll arise to Life.

Not only are you wanted. You are deeply loved. As is, flawed flesh full of My glory.

You were Mine then. You are Mine now. You will be Mine forevermore.