Is your life messy or miraculous?

Come on now and tell the truth.

Sadly, most of us feel like walking messes. Life has taken its toll on us, and we feel bloodied and beaten. But the Good News is that we don't have to stay that way.

From pastors to prisoners to saints and sinners, all of us need the unseen God unveiled before our eyes. It's here that a radical encounter with God Almighty can transform us forever. And if we're Christians, these encounters can happen daily.

I believe God desires to teach us how to sit down, be still, and look up.

I was reminded of this recently in my travels to Africa, among throngs of orphans.

For the last seven years our family traveled to Zambia, Africa, with a group called Family Legacy Missions International. Our family has helped to build a safe living place for the most vulnerable and destitute of children. While I was there something dawned on me.

One Sunday morning they led us in the most moving worship service through singing and prayers. I was struck by how much light resonates from their presence, and the profound faith in Jesus they profess.

Many of these children were raped, beaten, verbally abused, and left to themselves in poverty-stricken slums because their parents and caretakers died. Some even have HIV. But they're the most joyful, happy, friendly, and purposeful kids on this planet. They are crazy about their God because they understand He is crazy about them. These kids understand what it means to receive God's mercy, God's grace, and God's forgiveness. I must say, these children have a deep understanding of the presence of God.

As I watched them worship that day I kept thinking to myself, What if these children kept their eyes on where they've come from? Instead of the wonderful life Jesus has called them to? How odd it would be!

Yet, in American Christianity, isn't this what many of us do?

We focus on ourselves, we focus on our problems, we focus on our pasts, we focus on our fears, we focus on our failures, we focus, focus, focus, on everything but Christ.

Then, we wonder why our faith isn't working. And why we're such a mess.

Our eyes are fixed on the wrong things!

Somewhere we quit beholding Jesus. It's time to look back up!

Would you consider praying this prayer with me?

Dear Lord, Would You steal my deepest affections and do a remarkable work in my life where I long to know You and love You more? Please forgive me for allowing lesser things to consume me instead of Your amazing love for me. I pray that You and You alone would be my sole focus. Thank You for washing me and making me new right this very second. Unto You this life I raise.

In Jesus mighty and delivering Name, Amen.


*Excerpt taken from MORE: From Messes to Miracles, pp. 35 & 36.