New Years Eve Was Crappy Until...

I wish I could say 2014 rolled in full of exciting celebration.

I cannot.

Our hearts were freshly broken over a recent traumatic situation within our family.

Thank God for friends who would not allow us to grieve in the New Year.

Thank God for friends who also make us laugh by doing things like calling the author of Love Does, Bob Goff, because he was crazy enough to actually put his number in his book.

At first he didn’t answer so they left him a message.

But within minutes all manner of hilarity broke out when my friend’s phone rang and a nice man on the other end said something like,

Hello. This is Bob Goff. You called?”

Then it dawned on me.

What the man wrote of was taking place around my breakfast table. Not only was our aloneness being tended to, a newly widowed friend was being tended to as well. And not only that, a few single friends were welcomed around our table as well—not allowing New Years Eve to find them alone either. And a friend who also recently lost a loved one sat among us too. Could it be that a sweet miracle took place around my breakfast table?  I think so.

In the midst of our aches we were not alone.

  • Selflessness was taking place.
  • Restoration—even—was taking place.
  • Love was taking place.

 Three things will last forever--faith, hope, and love--and the greatest of these is love.

1 Corinthians 13:13